A multi-media visual system, consisting of a mobile app, an animation, a poster, and a booklet encapsulating the work and life of iconic fashion designer Mugler.


Creative direction,

Visual identity, Motion, Print, Copywriting, Research


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe AfterEffects

Adobe InDesign



February 2022 - April 2022


Product Design Intern

Technical UX

Visual UI

Design Systems


Alok Ojha


Aravind Rangaswamy (Design mentor)

Other PMs & engineers


May 2022 - August 2022

(3 months)

Clock on the wall
Clock on the wall


Who was Mugler?

Thierry Mugler was a iconic fashion designer, famous for empowering women through his designs with dramatic depictions, exaggerated forms, and sci-fi surrealism. My goal was to create an immersive experience that encapsulated his legacy and educated viewers on the how the brand has evolved over the years.


Creating a Mobile Experience

Taking inspiration from Mugler's dramatic and futuristic style, I created a a visual identity, implemented in the mobile app to showcase the experience.

Evolution of the Brand

Through an interactive timeline element, users are able to view the entirety of Mugler's discography over the past few decades and the evolution of his work.

Mugler's Legacy

In the 3 sections of Mugler's heritage, users can view Mugler's past and inspirations, the main values of the brand, and where the brand is today.

Celebrating Women

Through his designs, Mugler emphasized and celebrated the feminine form, which viewers can read about.



This poster is meant to educate viewers on Mugler and provides information on his life and design philosophy, as well as a timeline of his most iconic pieces and accomplishments.



Working off of the visuals in the poster, I created a 16 page booklet that introduces Mugler and his work to readers. I played with dramatic visuals while solidifying a clearer system.


Motion Graphics

In this animation piece, I focused on highlighting Mugler's main philosophy, which is empowering women, through dramatic visuals and exaggerated forms.


Building a Cohesive System

Since this project had so many different parts, I had to create a very strong visual identity so that it felt cohesive and part of the same body of work. This meant a lot of experimentation and iterations throughout the process to create a system that would translate across all mediums and formats.


Visual Voice

A big part of this project was finding a balance between the designer's work and voice and my own visuals and creativity. I figured out a way to showcase his work and create a system that would highlight and represent it rather than overshadow it.

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